Heartwarming Farewell: Caretaker Bids Emotional Goodbye to Elephant After 22 Years

Shirley, a 52-year-old Asian elephant, has found a devoted caretaker in Solomon James at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo in North America.

Over the past 22 years, Solomon has made every effort to ensure Shirley feels comfortable in her grassy enclosure and concrete stall.

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Unfortunately, Shirley has been deprived of the company of other elephants for the past two decades. In a touching display of loyalty, Solomon has stayed by her side, providing companionship and reassurance that she is never alone.

However, a significant change is about to take place. Recognizing that they could not provide Shirley with the life she truly deserved, the zoo authorities transferred her to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.

While this news brings hope for Shirley’s future, it also means bidding farewell to her faithful caretaker, Solomon. Prepare to be moved by what unfolds next.

Watch the video below:

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