Heartwarming: German Shepherd Comforts Rescued Orphaned Fawns

Sarge, a German Shepherd known for its protective nature, has shown a remarkable display of compassion beyond its guardian instincts.

The owner of Sarge, actively involved in animal rescue, has uncovered the dog’s tender side towards other creatures.

Image 712
Who said that a fawn and a dog canโ€™t be best friends?

In a heartening gesture, Sarge has proven its nurturing nature, particularly regarding orphaned and injured fawns.


The initial introduction of a fawn to the household witnessed Sarge taking on the role of a vigilant guardian and caretaker. Residing on a small farm in Ohio, Sarge’s compassion also extends to various other animals.

Image 713
We go together like bread and butter.

Beyond fawns, the farm provides a home to various animals, including roosters, hens, goats, horses, ponies, sheep, rock doves, and other dogs.

Sarge became a part of this farm nine years ago, and its interactions are not only limited to fawns but also encompass diverse animal members.


Cheryl Stephen, the proud owner of this remarkable German Shepherd, generously shares heartwarming snapshots of Sarge bonding with fawns through her Instagram profile.

Image 714
ย Besties share food.
Image 715
This fawn has got her own personal bodyguard, so better not mess with her.
Image 716
Definitely in need of some water after running for miles.
Image 717
Selfie sessions with my fawn bestie.
Image 718
When life keeps on testing you.
Image 719
Came outdoors with my best friend to enjoy some fresh air.
Image 720
Is that really you in this picture?
Image 721
When you are asked to pose for a photograph after you have had an argument with your friend.
Image 722
Arenโ€™t our tails just adorable?
Image 723
Someone was clearly not paying attention.
Image 724
Just hanging out with my fawn friend.
Image 725
The fawns were taking a picture and I decided to join them.
Image 726
A friendship beautiful enough to warm your heart.
Image 727
I swear to protect these fawns with my life.
Image 728
Sarge even has a big brother named Bucky.
Image 729
My loving human and then thereโ€™s Bucky.
Image 730
The friends roam around their barn.

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