Heartwarming Journey of Orphaned Baby Elephants Finding Love at Herd Elephant Orphanage

The Herd Elephant Orphanage in South Africa is a haven for numerous magnificent elephants.

These incredible creatures have been rescued from various challenging circumstances; two adorable calves have found a loving home.

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One of the lucky residents is Timisa, who arrived at the sanctuary a few years ago as an orphan. She was rescued by a dedicated group called Elephants Alive, and since then, she has captured the hearts of everyone at the orphanage.

Timisa quickly formed close bonds with the elder elephants and the other young calves. Another precious addition to the sanctuary is Khanyisa, a shy little elephant who took some time to adjust to her new surroundings.

However, with the volunteers’ and fellow elephants’ patience and support, she gradually settled into her new environment, receiving all the time and space she needed to feel comfortable.


These two baby elephants couldn’t be happier in their newfound home. They eagerly join the entire herd for morning and evening walks, relishing the companionship of their fellow elephants.

In the sanctuary’s yard, they can often be seen playfully engaging with one another. The remarkable efforts and unwavering dedication behind the scenes have undoubtedly paid off, creating a haven of love and happiness for these orphaned elephants.

Watch the video below:


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