Heartwarming moment a wild horse saves young filly from drowning

Horses are one of the most affectionate and protective of animals, especially when one’s life is at stake. These majestic creatures are always ready to put their lives first for the sake of their families. Whether living on a farm or in the wild, horses are fearless when it comes to protecting those they care for.


This wild stallion stepped up and saved the day as an experienced young and inexperienced foal struggled to cross a river. The dramatic moment took place in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, and fortunately, one of the rangers witnessed the scene and even captured it on camera.

Once roamed by thousands of wild horses, the largest national forest in Arizona is left with only a few families of mustangs. So when Park Service volunteer Becky Standridge spotted a group enjoying their meal on the Salt River’s banks, he immediately recognized them. It was the famous Champ – a dominant stallion – along with his large family.

It was a quiet, sunny afternoon when a few noisy noises from across the river suddenly interrupted the peaceful atmosphere. Although they are pretty territorial animals, horses are pretty docile (except during mating season). So even though the two groups of horses initially ignored each other, the fearless Champ ultimately decided to cross the river and investigate.

Only strong currents proved too fast and too strong for an inexperienced foal. Within seconds, the child found herself swallowed by a fast-flowing river, and it seemed she was facing an inevitable fate. Luckily, the powerful Champ was there to save the day.

When he noticed that the colt was trying to keep his head afloat, the large stallion approached and guided her in the right direction. Just like a protective father, he carried the suffering pony under his wing and protected her until she reached the safe waters and then finally the banks on the other side of the river.

The dramatic scene was captured in a series of touching photos! Take a look at:

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