Heartwarming Moment: Elephant Lies Down for a Lullaby from Her Keeper

In a heartwarming display of the connection between humans and animals, a gentle giant named Faamai, an elephant residing at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, found solace in a lullaby sung by her devoted keeper.

The park, known for its rescue and rehabilitation efforts, particularly focuses on elephants, thanks to the tireless dedication of Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, who has dedicated her life to animal care.

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Lek’s affinity for animals can be traced back to her childhood in a small village near Elephant Nature Park. Her traditional healer grandfather often treated sick or injured animals alongside his human patients.

Drawing inspiration from her upbringing, Lek has dedicated decades of hard work to animal welfare, particularly elephants, gaining global recognition for her efforts.


In a touching video shared below, Lek’s expertise in singing elephants to sleep is fully displayed. Faamai, visibly delighted by her presence, extends her trunk to embrace Lek, conveying a deep bond between the two.


As they find a shady spot, Lek gently swats at the elephant with a rag, not as punishment but to shoo away bothersome flies and help Faamai stay cool.

Growing drowsy, Faamai settles herself on the ground, and her compassionate human friend offers one more hug before settling down alongside her.

This heartwarming scene is a beautiful reminder that love transcends language barriers and unites all beings.


Watch the video below:

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