Heartwarming Moment: Lion Dad Meets His Three Playful Cubs for the First Time

In a heartwarming real-life scene reminiscent of the fictional tale of The Lion King, three little lion cubs recently had their first encounter with their proud father.

The question arises: do lions truly form such strong bonds with their offspring? The answer is a resounding yes!

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Meet Kamali, Zalika, and Angalia, who embarked on their inaugural outdoor adventure with their father, Zawadi Mungu, at the tender age of six months.

Their mother, Neka, briefly appeared during this special rendezvous but mostly left the quartet to bond. After all, Neka deserved a well-earned break, having cared for the cubs since birth.

Laura Weiner, the lead Africa Keeper at the Oregon Zoo, expressed confidence in Zawadi’s ability to be accepting of his cubs from the outset, a belief that proved true.


As soon as the cubs caught sight of their father, they rushed towards him with exuberance. Overwhelmed by the attention, Zawadi swiftly sought refuge on a boulder.

However, his retreat did little to deter his enthusiastic offspring. Undeterred, the cubs clambered onto the boulder, persistently vying for their father’s attention.

Zawadi attempted to assert his authority by baring his teeth, but his adorable cubs remained undaunted. As one cub retreated, another stepped forward, eager to engage with their proud papa.


Zawadi, Neka, and another female lion named Kya were brought to the Oregon Zoo for cooperative breeding.

The birth of Kamali, Zalika, and Angalia fulfilled this objective, marking Neka’s first litter. The three adult lions quickly formed a tight bond upon their arrival, uniting as a cohesive pride.

Jennifer Davis, a curator at the Oregon Zoo, previously commented on the lions’ swift connection, stating, “They’re all around the same age, which made it easier for them to bond and become a unified pride.


We’re thrilled that there was a strong connection between Neka and Zawadi. “Neka and Zawadi have now fully embraced their roles as proud parents, delighting in the company of their lively cubs.

Each cub possesses a distinct personality, and to match their individual traits, they were bestowed with names that reflect their characteristics.

Angalia, a spirited cub, aptly bears a name derived from the Swahili word for “look out.” The zoo staff knew they would need to keep an eye on her mischievous antics.


Zalika, meaning “well-born” in Swahili, pays homage to her father. Lastly, Kamali, the smallest cub who faced health challenges after birth, was named after the Shona people in Zimbabwe and neighboring nations, signifying a protective spirit for babies.

These little lion cubs undeniably hold a special place in their father’s heart, and fortunately, Zawadi thoroughly enjoys spending time with his playful offspring.

It’s a heartwarming sight that reminds us of the bonds between parents and their children in the animal kingdom.


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