Heartwarming Moment: Mama Elephant Teaches Her Baby to Eat Pumpkin

At the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, a remarkable scene unfolded as a mother elephant and her nanny showed the baby elephant how to feast on pumpkins. This sanctuary serves as a vital refuge for elephants and other needy animals, including dogs, cats, and pigs.

Pyi Mai, a playful baby elephant, is still in the process of learning to feed herself. She explores the expansive field, treating the pumpkin as a delightful toy. Joining her on this playful adventure are her doting mother, Khuam Moon, and her attentive nanny, Sri Nuan.

A plentiful stock of fruits awaits her to ensure Pyi Mai receives a diverse range of nutrients. With excitement, the adorable young elephant encounters different fruits, attempting to eat them. Initially, Pyi Mai struggles to grasp how to crack open the pumpkin and rolls it around instead.


In a heartwarming display of maternal guidance, Khuam Moon demonstrates the art of enjoying a delicious pumpkin by skillfully breaking it with her feet. Observing her mother’s actions, Pyi Mai quickly catches on and begins breaking the fruit independently.

Baby Elephant

With evident joy, Pyi Mai takes a satisfying bite of the pumpkin, relishing the newfound skill. This baby elephant is a fast learner, although she still has some growing to do before she can effectively smash those pumpkins.

The sight of Pyi Mai’s accomplishment brings joy to the baby elephant and her loving mother, Khuam Moon, and dedicated nanny, Sri Nuan. Witnessing their little one enjoying a nourishing meal fills their hearts with happiness and pride.


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