Heartwarming Moments: Mother Leopard’s Affectionate Hug with Her Cub

Captured in a stunning series of photographs, a mother leopard expressed her contentment as she lovingly embraced her playful cub in the untamed wilderness.

A wildlife photographer, Leighton Lum, found himself in Kenya, witnessing this heartwarming scene unfold. The cub had been peacefully napping until a sudden downpour disturbed its slumber and led to mischief, annoying its watchful mother.

A mother leopard appeared to beam from ear to ear as she and her cub snuggled together after waking up from a nap in Kenya.

In a display of pure affection, the two wild felines nestled closely, revealing a seemingly joyful expression on the mother’s face.


Lum attributed these remarkable sightings to the impact of the pandemic, as the reduced number of vehicles and people allowed for a more intimate encounter with nature.

Wildlife photographer Leighton Lum captured the heartwarming interaction between the mother leopard and her cub after it woke her up from their nap.ย 

As the cub awoke, its curiosity and playful nature took over, compelling it to climb trees and attempt to rouse its mother. Lum described when the cub ventured near their vehicle, with the mother following suit.

They settled just 50 feet away, engaging in a delightful play sessionโ€”an unforgettable sight.
“I was captivated by this tender moment shared between the mother and her cub.


Such behavior is rarely observed, especially in such an open and close setting,” shared Lum, reflecting on the extraordinary experience.

Mr. Lum said a sudden downpour woke the infant leopard up, and it began doing everything it could to wake its mother up.ย 
Mr. Lum said the animals’ sightings were much better due to the pandemic because there were fewer vehicles and people.
After getting soaked from the rain, the cubย got playful and curious, trying to climb trees and wake up its mother.

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