Heartwarming Rescue: Adult Elephants Team Up to Save Drowning Calf in Zoo Pool

In a heartwarming display of teamwork, two adult elephants at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, acted swiftly to rescue a struggling calf from drowning in a zoo enclosure pool.

The incident unfolded when the young elephant stood beside the pool with one of the adult elephants and accidentally slipped into the water.

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The distressed adult immediately went into panic mode, witnessing the calf’s struggle to keep its trunk and mouth above the water’s surface.

The baby elephant is taking a drink when it slips and falls into the waterย 

Fortunately, responding to the commotion, another adult elephant rushed to the scene. Through what appeared to be silent communication, the two adults devised a plan.

They recognized that the only way to reach the calf was by entering the water from the pool’s shallow end.

The two adult elephants immediately spring into action to save the babyย 

With determination, they circumvented the pool and reached the calf, overcoming obstacles along the way.

In the background, a third adult elephant, separated by a fence, paced anxiously, unable to assist.

However, the focus remained on the two adults in the water, who showcased a remarkable example of collaboration rarely captured in the animal kingdom.

They lift the baby’s head up so it can breath before directing it towards the shallowsย 

Positioning themselves on either side of the struggling calf, the adult elephants lifted the young one’s head above the water’s surface. With gentle guidance, they directed the bewildered calf toward the shallower part of the pool.

The rescue efforts proved successful, as the calf was soon back on solid ground, maintaining a cautious distance from the pool’s edge.

The heartwarming footage, which highlights the incredible unity among these gentle giants, garnered over 459,000 views since its online posting.

The baby kept a wide berth of the pool for the rest of the clip – and you can understand why

Numerous viewers have praised the rapid response and teamwork exhibited by the adult elephants, with some commenting, “Wow, fast response,” and another noting, “Better than people.”

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