Heartwarming Rescue: Young Elephant Saved Along Mzima Springs – Mombasa Water Pipeline

A heartwarming rescue mission unfolded recently along the Mzima Springs – Mombasa water pipeline, drawing attention to the dedicated efforts of a vet team and conservationists.

Tourists alerted authorities when they discovered a young elephant in distress, stranded in a shallow watering point along the pipeline.


Swift action was crucial, prompting the immediate mobilization of a vet team supported by the Voi Stockade Team.


On arrival, the young elephant was found weak and lying near the water source. It was evident that the animal required urgent assistance to survive.

Image 1

The priority was transporting the elephant to the Voi stockade for critical treatment. At the fence, veterinarians administered a 50% dextrose bolus IV for a rapid energy boost.

A slow IV lactated Ringer’s solution was also provided through the ear vein to rehydrate the weakened elephant.


After five hours of dedicated treatment, the young elephant exhibited signs of improvement and managed to stand up—a hopeful development in its recovery.

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The elephant received extended treatment, including long-acting Amoxicillin and Dexamethasone, to support its recovery journey further.

The path to full recovery is ongoing, with continuous treatment, feeding, and care, including a diet of Lucerne and other concentrates.


Despite a guarded prognosis, the elephant responds positively to treatment, showing promising improvement.

Image 3

The successful rescue and treatment of the young elephant highlight the unwavering dedication and expertise of the vet team and conservationists involved.

Their rapid response gave the elephant a fighting chance at survival. As treatment efforts persist, there’s optimism for a complete recovery, securing the well-being and future of this majestic creature in the wild.


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