Heartwarming Reunion of Rescued Baby Elephant with Her Mother in Thailand

In 2011, a baby elephant named Me Bai was taken away from her mother and sold into Thailand’s tourism industry for profit.

After enduring the stress of carrying tourists on her back, she was eventually set free and found her way to Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park in the north.

Due to the mistreatment she experienced from humans, I Bai initially feared and distrusted her new caretakers at the park.


However, she soon realized that they had no intention of harming her. With their patience and kindness, Me Bai gradually started healing physically and emotionally.

Video He Was Sold Into Slavery But Was Just Rescued. When Shes Reunited With Her Mom…Wow

Inspired by Me Bai’s incredible journey to recovery, the park employees embarked on a mission to find her long-lost mother, Mae Yui.

After locating her, they arranged a three-day trip to the village where the mother elephant resided, hoping to reunite the separated pair.


The emotional reunion took place on April 3, 2015. Park officials are now working to reintroduce Me Bai and Mae Yui back to their natural habitat, allowing them to lead a free and fulfilling life together.

Watch the heartwarming video capturing the touching reunion of this baby elephant with her mother. The sheer joy and love between them will surely warm your heart. Share your thoughts on this remarkable reunion – we’d love to hear from you!

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