Heartwarming Scene: Dog Chases Army Convoy for “Mission” Goes Viral

In recent days, a touching set of images depicting a dog persistently following a troop of soldiers on patrol has captivated social media users across countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The photographs quickly gained viral attention, sparking curiosity about the story behind this heartening event.

Image 5 205

Contrary to initial assumptions, this isn’t a stray dog seeking to join the soldiers. The images, thankfully captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia, during quarantine, depict a pet named Gorda living in the barracks.


Gorda, a beloved mascot of a military division, exhibited remarkable eagerness during the COVID-19 pandemic, trailing behind soldiers on patrol.

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Moved by Gorda’s determination, soldiers welcomed him aboard their convoy, inadvertently creating a touching moment immortalized by the photographer’s lens.

Gorda’s enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed by another canine companion, Multicam, who promptly joined the convoy.


Internet users, amidst editing debates over the images, unanimously agreed on the adorable nature of both dogs.

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In a time marked by the turmoil of the epidemic, these furry companions have brought joy to people’s lives, showcasing the unwavering loyalty and companionship dogs offer, even amid chaos.

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