Heartwarming Scene: Mother Elephant Guides Baby Across Road Safely

A heartwarming video has captured the attention of animal lovers everywhere, showing a mother elephant imparting a vital lesson to her young one – how to navigate a road with caution.

The touching clip was shared by Indian Administrative Officer (IAS) Supriya Sahu on Twitter, created by @Santhanaraman.

Watch the video at the end.


Highlighting the remarkable intelligence of animals, the video showcases a maternal elephant alongside her adorable calf, both poised at the edge of a road. Carefully, they tread across the path, with the mother gently shielding her offspring.

Viral Video Shows Mother Elephant Guiding Her Baby How To Cross A Road With Caution

Their journey is briefly halted by an approaching car, which patiently waits until the elephants find a haven within the nearby forest. The video also features two other elephants, seemingly engrossed in their meal.

Captioning the post, the IAS officer notes, “Mother elephant appears to be educating her baby on the road crossing. A poignant reality captured by Santhanaraman.”


Uploaded merely a day ago, the video has quickly amassed significant attention. It has garnered 30,000 views, 800 likes, and many comments on the microblogging platform.

The Twitter comments section showcases the depth of human connection with wildlife. One user highlights, “Teaching for safety! We must also consider wildlife-friendly road designs.”

Another person acknowledges the elephants’ adaptability, stating, “These creatures are intelligent, adept at adjusting to their changing environment!”


A third commenter emphasizes the importance of responsible behavior around forested areas, who suggests, “Drivers should exercise caution, maintaining a slow pace and refraining from reckless driving.”

This heartwarming video portrays the protective nature of animal mothers and underscores the need for coexistence and understanding between humans and wildlife.

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