Heartwarming Story of a Lone Baby Deer’s Unlikely Bond with a Family

In a heartwarming incident from May 2020, Dawn Rasmussen’s husband was startled by the cries of a baby deer resembling a sheep’s bleating. Investigating further, they were met by a courageous fawn, who they affectionately named Thor.

Worried about Thor’s welfare, they promptly contacted a veterinarian. The vet revealed that Thor had been abandoned, likely due to his mother’s passing, a situation unusual for fawns.

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Dawn shared with GeoBeats Animals that Thor’s high activity level was a cause for concern. With no available space at the vet, Dawn and her husband they have embraced their roles as deer caretakers, committed to raising Thor as a wild creature rather than a pet.

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They designed a spacious outdoor enclosure, allowing Thor to explore and stay outdoors.

During the initial six weeks, Dawn camped close to Thor in a tent, ensuring his safety throughout the night.

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She diligently fed him goat’s milk from a bottle every three hours between May and September, nurturing him and teaching him essential survival skills.

By the age of four months, Thor was confidently navigating the wilderness while promptly responding to Dawn’s calls for his milk. He even displayed the habit of waiting on their deck if Dawn appeared longer.

Fast forward to today, and Thor is now two and a half years old, firmly connected to Dawn. He has integrated into a local deer herd, including his aunts and sisters.

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Thor occasionally ventures beyond his home territory but always finds his way back to spend time with Dawn.

Their bond grew stronger when Thor suffered a leg injury and sought refuge at Dawn’s home. Dawn provided care, exercised with him, and administered massages, leading to Thor’s complete recovery. He can now run and leap with the agility of any typical deer.

Beyond Thor, Dawn’s connection extends to the entire deer herd, who feel at ease around her. When Dawn sits outdoors, Thor joins her, attracting other deer to gather around them.

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Caring for Thor has deepened Dawn’s reverence for nature and wildlife. Her heightened awareness of the environment and animals’ vital role in our ecosystem has transformed her perspective.

To witness the extraordinary relationship between Thor and his devoted foster mom, watch the video below.

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