Heartwarming Story: Orphaned Elephant Calf Finds an Unlikely Friend in a Fluffy Sheep!

Things seemed bleak when little Thembɑ, an orphaned elephant calf, found himself without a foster elephant mom to provide him with milk. The drought had left him in desperate need of nourishment to survive.

All elephant calves rely on their mother’s milk for two years, but other elephants did not accept Thembɑ. Thankfully, the dedicated rescuers from the Shɑmwɑri Game Reserve stepped in to assist the vulnerable calf.

To ensure Thembɑ’s well-being, the rescuers tranquilized him and transported him to a secure enclosure within the reserve. However, despite their efforts, Thembɑ refused to consume anything.


Lyndɑl Dɑvies, the resident filmmaker at the Game Reserve, explained that baby elephants, much like human children, can become emotionally distressed and disinterested if not content. Considering Thembɑ’s recent loss of his mother, a creative solution was needed to entice him to eat.

Video Orphaned Elephant Calf Finds Unlikely Friend In A Fluffy Sheep Say Whaaaaaaaat 1

Enter Albert, the sheep, an unexpected hero in this heartwarming story. Initially, the baby elephant frightened Albert, causing the sheep to shy away. However, within a day, an unbreakable bond formed between the two.

Thembɑ’s health rapidly improved, and within three days of their introduction, he began drinking his formula.


In just two weeks, Thembɑ confidently explored a larger enclosure, taking his first steps with the rescuers and Albert by his side.

Video Orphaned Elephant Calf Finds Unlikely Friend In A Fluffy Sheep Say Whaaaaaaaat 2

Witness the touching rescue mission and observe Thembɑ’s interaction with his newfound companion, Albert.

This remarkable friendship may seem unlikely, but its strength is truly astonishing. If you haven’t watched the video yet, make sure to do so! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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