Heartwarming Surprise: Elephant Gives Birth at Kenya Sanctuary

An unexpected arrival at a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya left the mother elephant, the head keeper, and the rest of the herd astonished.

The heartwarming moment was captured and shared by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Twitter, an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned baby elephants.

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In a 25-second video, viewers witness the magical scene of a newborn calf lying on the ground while the other elephants surround and observe the adorable addition to their family.

The video was captioned with joy and excitement as it documented the birth of the baby elephant, the first calf of the ex-orphan elephant Melia. The trust affectionately named the newborn “Milo,” which means “beloved.”

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The heart-melting video quickly gained popularity, garnering over 51,000 views and 4000 likes on Twitter. People from all over the world expressed their appreciation for the trust’s efforts in preserving and caring for these majestic creatures.


Witnesses were amazed by the incredible sight, with one user commenting, “Surrounded by love on all sides from elephants and humans. Thank you, keepers, for making this possible. You are great human beings!”

Another user marveled at Milo’s unique appearance, saying, “Wow, seeing Milo’s arrival on Earth is incredible! His feet look like he has new shoes on, and the keepers’ happy sounds in the background are heartwarming, like proud dads!”

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The surprise birth occurred at Ithumba, where wild elephants and ex-orphans gather, especially during the dry season.


The Head Keeper, Benjamin, heard a loud noise and noticed a flurry of movement among the elephants. Even the typically calm older females seemed startled by the unexpected event.

As the other elephants rushed over, Mr. Benjamin soon realized that Melia, an ex-orphan elephant, had given birth, and the baby was still partially wrapped in a white placenta.

The trust shared that Melia’s pregnancy had gone unnoticed, as she cleverly concealed her weight, being a large elephant. The night before, she had visited the enclosures, but there were no signs of her imminent labor.


The arrival of Milo brought immense joy to the entire sanctuary, and this heartwarming story is a testament to the love and care these elephants receive under the watchful eye of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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