Heartwarming Tale: Abandoned Baby Deer Finds Unlikely Hero in Kind Family

In a touching incident that occurred in May 2020, Dawn Rasmussen and her husband were alerted by the unusual cries of a baby deer resembling a sheep’s bleating.

Upon investigating, they were met by a fawn who approached and even stood on the husband’s foot. Fondly named Thor, this young deer’s story was about to take an extraordinary turn.

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Concerned for Thor’s welfare, the couple promptly contacted a veterinarian. It was determined that Thor had been abandoned, possibly due to the loss of his mother.

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Unlike usual cases where fawns aren’t left alone, this situation was different. Dawn shared with GeoBeats Animals that Thor’s unusual activity level raised concerns.

As there was no available space for Thor at the vet’s, Dawn and her husband embraced their newfound role as deer caregivers.

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Creating a sizable outdoor enclosure for Thor, they aimed to nurture him in a way that would allow him to grow as a wild creature rather than a pet.

Dawn’s dedication to Thor was profound; she even slept six weeks in a tent nearby to ensure his nighttime safety.

Thor was hand-fed with goat’s milk from a bottle every three hours between May and September, imparting crucial survival skills to him.

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At four months old, Thor was already exploring the wild independently. Nevertheless, he maintained an endearing connection with Dawn.

Responding to her calls for milk, Thor would come running, often waiting outside their deck if she took too long.

Thor’s journey continued, forming a solid bond with Dawn and integrating into a nearby deer herd comprising aunts and sisters.

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Even during more extended absences, he would invariably return to spend time with his surrogate human mother.

Their relationship deepened when Thor suffered a leg injury and sought refuge with Dawn. She cared for his wound, engaged in activities with him, and provided therapeutic massages.

Under her attentive care, Thor’s recovery was remarkable. He regained his ability to run and jump, just like any other deer.

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Thor’s connection with Dawn transcended beyond their bond. Other deer in his herd became comfortable around her, and moments of shared serenity became common.

Dawn’s journey of nurturing Thor ignited a newfound reverence for nature and wildlife. Her increased awareness of the environment’s significance and animals’ pivotal roles has left an indelible mark.

Watch the heartwarming video below to witness the extraordinary tale of Thor and his devoted foster mother, Dawn.

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