Heartwarming Tale of Everlasting Friendship: Woman Shares Deep Connection with Rescued Tortoise

In life, we encounter various individuals who leave a lasting impact on us – some fleeting, while others remain for good. These enduring connections are what we call soulmates.

They can be romantic partners, family members, or even animals that magically come into our lives, forging heartfelt bonds. Meeting at just the right moment, these unique connections can be truly touching and inspiring, evoking emotions that tug at our hearts.

For one woman, Fenella, her soulmate turned out to be a tortoise named Charlie. Fenella, the founder of Wee Companions, an animal rescue organization in San Diego, California, has been devotedly rescuing small animals since 1998.


Her mission began with guinea pigs and has since expanded to include rats, hamsters, mice, rabbits, and even exotic creatures like Charlie the tortoise.

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Charlie’s story began when an elderly gentleman in his eighties passed away, leaving his sick tortoises under a vet’s care. Fenella, in her regular visits to the vet, decided to adopt one of the tortoises, hoping to offer it a loving home.

The tortoise, now named Charlie, found solace and healing at Wee Companions, and he and Fenella forged an extraordinary bond. Little did they know that their meeting would create a remarkable 14-year friendship.


Fenella and Charlie follow a cherished routine daily, sharing daily stories and patiently waiting for Charlie to wake up from his brumation (a form of hibernation for reptiles).

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After a long rest during the winter months, Fenella gently wakes him up in May, giving him a relaxing soak before venturing outdoors together.

Their life is intertwined, and even though Fenella initially mistook Charlie for a female (calling him Charlotte for several years), Charlie didn’t mind and continued to cherish her company.


Fenella talks to Charlie like a child, recounting tales and stories, and despite knowing that Charlie is around 60-70 years old, she affectionately considers him her baby.

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Their bond is special, as Charlie seems to understand her words and listens attentively. It’s the kind of grow-old-together friendship that people often dream of, and witnessing such soulmates find each other is heartwarming.

The video below captures their heart-touching story, showcasing the depth of love and companionship between Fenella and Charlie, proving that true friendship knows no boundaries.


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