Heartwarming Tale of Freedom: Young Elephant Rescued from Circus Life

In a heartwarming tale of compassion and freedom, MuayLek, a seven-year-old female elephant, has been rescued from a life of captivity in an elephant show and brought to the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

The Save Elephant Foundation, led by sanctuary founder Saengduean Lek Chailert, successfully orchestrated the rescue, granting MuayLek the gift of a new life.

MuayLek had spent her early years entertaining tourists, performing tricks like painting, Hula Hooping, and dancing on two legs.


However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and travel restrictions left many elephant camps without visitors, MuayLek’s circumstances were distressing.

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She was left tethered and stressed, unable to engage in her daily circus routines. The lack of freedom took a toll on this young elephant, and her eyes lost their spark, leaving her helpless.

But then came the rescue, and MuayLek found herself in the comforting embrace of Elephant Nature Park. Waiting to greet her was FaaMai, an older elephant in the sanctuary who welcomed her with open arms.


In a heartwarming encounter, MuayLek gently brushed her trunk against FaaMai’s ankles, curious why FaaMai wasn’t wearing any chains. The depth of emotion displayed by these two elephants touched the hearts of all who witnessed it.

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The bond between MuayLek and FaaMai grew stronger, with FaaMai deciding to spend the night with her new friend in the shelter.

This initial evening was significant for MuayLek, as she found herself in an unfamiliar place but was fortunate to have FaaMai as her caretaker.


FaaMai’s kind-natured demeanor provided solace and support to her younger sibling, ensuring MuayLek felt welcomed on her first day of freedom.

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The rescue of MuayLek is a testament to the importance of sanctuaries like Elephant Nature Park, where elephants can be rescued from exploitative environments and given the chance to live their lives with dignity and compassion.

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