Heartwarming Trust: Elephant Jabu’s Extraordinary Cooperation During Eye Treatment

In a remarkable display of trust, a heartwarming moment was captured at Botswana’s Elephant Rescue Centre as Jabu, an elephant, calmly underwent a non-intrusive eye treatment, showcasing unprecedented cooperation.

The incredible footage unfolds with Jabu gracefully responding to his keeper’s command to lie down.

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With a raised hand, the conservation worker gently touches Jabu’s leg, instructing him calmly.


The obedient elephant complies, bending his legs and lowering himself gracefully to the ground, demonstrating a remarkable bond of trust.

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The conservation worker, acknowledging Jabu’s cooperation, praises him as a ‘good boy’ and rewards him with a handful of food.

While evaluating Jabu’s eye condition, the worker remarks, ‘I think that’s starting to look a little bit better,’ before administering antibiotic drops.


Despite buzzing flies around, Jabu stays undeterred, blinking and sighing as the keeper gently opens his eyes.

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Throughout the process, encouraging words are offered to Jabu, who patiently endures the treatment.

The ordeal concludes with the gentle giant playfully anticipating extra treats and the keeper patting Jabu’s trunk in a gesture of affection.


As the keeper walks away, he informs Jabu that he can get up. In response, Jabu heaves himself to his feet, showcasing strength and trust.

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The heartwarming video, originally recorded in December, recently resurfaced online.

Jabu, the herd bull, faced early challenges after being orphaned in Kruger National Park, South Africa.


At 31 years old, standing over 11.4 feet tall and weighing 5.5 tons, Jabu not only battled a recent eye infection but also copes with a wrist injury and osteoarthritis from a 2016 encounter with a rival bull.

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The Living with Elephants Foundation, operating the rescue center, addressed Jabu’s watery eye by administering three daily antibiotics.

Watch for Jabu and his herd in the upcoming Animal Planet TV series “Dodo Heroes” in June.

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