Heartwarming Video: Baby Elephant Gets Help from Herd After Playful Tumble

A delightful video captured the moment a baby elephant stumbled while attempting to climb out of a small ditch at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Within seconds, two adult elephants rushed over to lend a helping trunk.

While it’s unclear from the footage whether the baby’s mother was among the adults who came to its aid, elephants are known for their strong bonds with herd members beyond their immediate family.

Watch the video at the end.


Although the mother and calf share a special connection, adult elephants have been observed looking out for little ones who aren’t their own.

This behavior showcases the cooperative nature of elephant society, where other clan members often act as babysitters, assisting young female elephants in their journey to motherhood.

When This Baby Elephant Falls Wh

Zoo Zurich’s elephant facility is aptly named after Thailand’s KΙ‘eng KrΙ‘chΙ‘n National Park, where the Swiss zoo actively supports the conservation efforts for Asiatic Elephants.


Watch the video below:

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