Heartwarming Video Captures Baby Gorilla Meeting Dad for the First Time

At an undisclosed zoo, an endearing encounter between a baby gorilla and its father was caught on camera, melting viewers’ hearts worldwide.

The heartwarming video, shared by Indian Forest Services Officer Susanta Nanda, showcases the adorable moment when the baby gorilla timidly approaches its father, who sits attentively on the ground, gazing at the little one curiously.

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Equally intrigued by its father, the young gorilla extends a tiny hand to touch his face. With utmost care, the father gorilla allows the baby to explore his features and leans his head forward to grant easier access.

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This captivating scene unfolds as the two gorillas appear to be acquainting themselves with each other for the first time. Witnessing the baby gorilla’s excitement and curiosity as it interacts with its father’s face is enchanting.

The IFS officer’s tweet accompanying the video reads, “Baby Gorilla meets the Father for the first time,” it’s heartwarming to observe the mother gorilla nearby, attentively watching this touching moment. If this doesn’t bring tears of joy to your eyes, nothing will.


Social media users expressed how this special bond between the baby and its father made their day. The baby gorilla’s evident curiosity moved many, and others marveled at the beauty of nature’s creations.

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With its sweetness and tenderness, the video brought smiles to the faces of all who witnessed it. A Twitter user wrote, “The curiosity is visible in the eyes of the baby. Good video.”

One user shared a personal connection, remarking, “It made my day. Being a neurosurgeon’s wife, I can relate my children’s expressions to their father. It was the same.” In awe of nature’s wonders, another user tweeted, “Nothing more BEAUTIFUL than God’s creations!”


This heartwarming moment serves as a reminder of the significance of family bonds, even in the animal kingdom.

One can hope that this unique connection between father and child will grow stronger over time, bringing joy to all who witness it. What are your thoughts on this beautiful video?

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