Heartwarming Video: Herd of Elephants Assists Mother Elephant in Giving Birth in the Wild

Bringing a new life into the world is filled with awe and wonder, not only for humans but also for animals.

The magic of birth becomes even more extraordinary when it involves a species listed as “vulnerable” in the wild.

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African elephants, classified as a vulnerable species, experience the miracle of birth within their close-knit herds.

These majestic creatures form strong bonds and exhibit highly empathetic behavior, resembling the dynamics of a closely-knit group.

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When a pregnant elephant is ready to give birth, she becomes vulnerable and solely focused on the critical moment.


However, her herd surrounds her, providing unwavering support and protection, ensuring that nothing harms her or her newborn calf. They encircle the mother and baby, forming a protective barrier between their bodies.

Fun fact: Baby elephants are called calves, while female elephants are referred to as cows and males as bulls. Mixing up these names can be confusing, especially without prior knowledge!

The birth of an elephant is a significant event. The gestation period of African elephants lasts an astonishing twenty-two months, nearly two years of pregnancy!


It takes time to develop such a large baby. In the video, we witness the miraculous moment when the amniotic sac emerges, signaling the impending arrival of the newborn.

Finally, the baby elephant enters the world. Unlike human babies, who are not immediately subjected to a fall upon birth, the healthy baby elephant gracefully withstands the impact.

The newborn remains wrapped in the protective embrace of the amniotic fluid as the surrounding community gathers to welcome it.


The baby elephant gradually lifts its head with determination and strength, offering a first glimpse of the world.

It’s a heartwarming sight that showcases the supportive network of friends surrounding the newborn.

Perhaps the calf thinks, “I’m relieved to be out of that confined space! There’s a whole world out here waiting for me!” All the cows in the herd are captivated by the arrival of a new member.


Elephants are renowned for their deep emotional connections and the mourning rituals they perform when one of them passes away, much like humans.

These bonds begin at birth and last a lifetime, contributing to their overall security within the community. Elephants live long lives, ranging from 60 to 70 years, thanks to the strength of their relationships.

Conservation efforts are crucial in safeguarding these incredible creatures. As new baby elephants enter the world, working tirelessly towards preserving their habitats and ensuring their well-being becomes imperative.


One commentator on the video expressed this sentiment beautifully: “Absolutely precious! I hope everyone watching these videos realizes these animals are now listed as vulnerable.

The more aware we become of this ongoing issue, the more we can contribute to raising awareness. Let’s question the use of ivory. Do we truly need it, or are we simply profiting at the expense of these magnificent creatures?”

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