Herd of elephants save the baby stuck in The middle of the lake for 2 days

Witnessing the baby elephant fall into the lake, male and female elephants jumped to rescue them while more than 10 other elephants tried to pull all three to the shore.

On October 11, rangers successfully rescued a family of elephants trapped in a 5m-deep reservoir on a hilltop in Yunnan province, southwest China.

Elephant family trapped under 5m deep reservoir has been successfully rescued.

These three elephants have been stuck here since 2 days ago. Nearby farmers use the lake to irrigate crops. Local authorities believe that the baby elephant may have fallen into the reservoir first, then the male and female elephants jumped to help, so all three were trapped.

These three elephants have been in the lake for 2 days.

Seeing the baby elephant fall into the water, the parents jumped in to save the child, but all three were stuck in the lake.

The process of rescuing the elephant family was difficult because of more than 10 other elephants next to the lake. They went around, trying to pull the elephant out of the lake with no success, while two adult elephants helped the young rise as the water rose. Heavy rains that caused the lake to rise rapidly also hindered efforts to rescue the elephants.

The rescue process was fraught with difficulties due to the weather and the arrival of other elephants.

Rescuers brought bananas and food to the stranded elephant family so they wouldn’t go hungry. Helicopters and fire extinguishers were used to repel the elephants. Then they sent an excavator to dig a big hole to break the wall and bring the three elephants to the surface safely.

A large hole was dug next to the lake to rescue the elephant family.

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