Hilarious Baby Elephant Throws a Temper-Tantrum, But Mom Remains Unfazed

Have you ever witnessed a toddler throwing a tantrum in public? It can be a spectacle, with pouting, foot stomping, and tearful outbursts.

But imagine if that tantrum-thrower happened to weigh over 500 lbs. Well, that’s exactly what happened when a baby elephant decided to have a hissy fit.

Watch the video at the end.


In a heartwarming video, a herd of elephants crossed paths with an observer, who captured the moment the baby elephant threw a tantrum that would rival any Hollywood performance.

The little pachyderm displayed the classic maneuvers, from flopping its body to rocking from side to side, all to grab its mother’s attention. However, much to the little one’s chagrin, the mother elephant remained uninterested.

Undeterred, the persistent calf tried a new tactic. It lay on its back, flailing its legs in the air, hoping to elicit a response.


But once again, the mother elephant was unfazed and walked away, leaving the tantrum-thrower to its own devices.

Frustrated and determined, the baby elephant resorted to laying in the middle of the road, stretching out, flapping its ears, and wiggling its trunk, hoping this would do the trick.

Baby elephant and mom on the road

Meanwhile, other mothers in the elephant herd calmly continued their journey, paying no attention to the little one’s theatrics.


With a sense of abandonment, the baby elephant pleaded, “Wait for me, Mum! Don’t leave me behind!”

As the tantrum subsided, it became clear that the baby elephant’s mission had failed. Lesson learned: no matter the species, mothers always prevail in the battle against tantrums.

Baby elephant

Watch the video below:


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