Hilarious Moment: Elephant Caught Stealing Hotel’s Welcome Mat

Elephants are known for their adorable and endearing nature, but sometimes even these gentle giants can’t resist a little mischief.

In a recent incident, a cheeky elephant attempted to steal a welcome mat from a hotel, providing a charming and humorous reminder of how lovable these animals can be.

The incident occurred when the curious elephant took an interest in a straw welcome mat placed outside the front door of a hotel.

Swiftly grabbing it with his trunk, the elephant appeared to believe he had completed his mission. However, his heist was short-lived, as some onlookers spotted his mischievous act.

Source: Youtube/Caters Clips

Upon realizing he’d been caught, the elephant hastily dropped the mat as if trying to erase any evidence of his antics.

Dawie Maree, the manager of South Luangwa Wildlife Camp in Zambia, captured this amusing episode on camera.

The video, which can be viewed below, showcases this endearing interaction outside the safari camp’s reception area.

Source: Youtube/Caters Clips

The playful elephant seemed to mistake the doormat for an enticing human snack and approached the reception for treats.

According to Dawie, life at the camp is anything but dull, as they encounter and care for these captivating creatures daily.

The staff and visitors are often treated to the delightful antics of these gentle giants, bringing smiles and laughter to all who witness their charm.

Source: Youtube/Caters Clips

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