Incredible Discovery: Baby Possum Reveals Growing Population

Researchers from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy have made a remarkable discovery that sheds light on the increasing possum population.

In their recent examination of the North Head Sanctuary animal nest boxes, they stumbled upon a truly astonishing find.

A minuscule creature was nestled within one of the boxes, smaller than a pinky finger, weighing only 7 grams.


This tiny marvel turned out to be a baby eastern pygmy possum, a species recognized as one of the world’s tiniest possums.

Unveiling this juvenile possum brought excitement, as it signaled a flourishing possum population within the sanctuary’s confines, indicating further growth in their numbers.

Dr. Viyanna Leo, one of the researchers involved, expressed her delight: “It’s always a nice surprise finding a mum at home with new juveniles during our nest box checks.” These possums are part of a reintroduced population in the sanctuary.


The emergence of new juveniles signifies a thriving breeding population actively augmenting their ranks.

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy is committed to enhancing Australia’s ecosystem by reintroducing native mammal species into specific regions. Eastern pygmy possums, known for their diminutive size and nocturnal habits, are a rare sight.

Researchers get a special chance to interact with them during cold seasons when these creatures are more docile.


Dr. Leo noted, “You can often remove them from nest boxes, and they will continue sleeping in your hand.” These tiny pygmy possum babies coexist with their mothers in the nest box until they become self-sufficient.

This discovery suggests a promising future for this tiny creature, with the increasing possum population.

Don’t miss the chance to see adorable images of this baby possum; its soulful eyes are sure to warm your heart.


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