Incredible Discovery: Rare Black Serval Spotted in the Wild

Black cats may be burdened with superstitions in wildlife, but a recent revelation shatters these misconceptions.

Meet the captivating and exceptionally rare black serval, a remarkable species thriving in the wild.

Image 449

Photographer Georg Turner was fortunate enough to capture the essence of this extraordinary creature in all its glory.


For Turner, witnessing and photographing this magnificent spectacle was a stroke of tremendous luck and an immense honor.

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The black serval, a creature that closely resembles its larger relatives, such as jaguars and leopards, in terms of its overall appearance, stood out as an unparalleled gem due to its entirely black coat—an uncommon trait within the serval species.

Remarkably, this wasn’t a solitary encounter. A few years later, another fortunate photographer, Sergio Pitamitz, had the privilege of encountering the same black serval and adding it to his collection of awe-inspiring wildlife photographs.


The discovery of this rare black serval underscores the wonders of the natural world. It is a poignant reminder that nature’s beauty often lies in its most unexpected and exceptional forms.

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