Incredible Elephant Walks Towards Doctors, Revealing a Remarkable Prosthetic Leg

A heartwarming video captured the inspiring journey of Moshɑ, a young elephant who overcame a devastating injury.

At just two years old, Moshɑ lost her leg in a tragic landmine incident along the Thɑi-Burmese border.

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However, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Therdchɑir Jivɑcɑte, an orthopedic surgeon, Moshɑ’s story took an incredible turn.

Dr. Jivɑcɑte, in collaboration with Thɑilɑnd’s renowned elephant hospital, dedicated his expertise to assisting injured elephants like Moshɑ.

He embarked on an ambitious mission to design and fit Moshɑ with the world’s first prosthetic leg tailored for an elephant.


As Moshɑ grew, she required periodic adjustments and fittings for her prosthetic legs. Despite 15 years passing since her life-changing operation, Moshɑ has not forgotten the compassionate care provided by Dr. Jivɑcɑte.

The bond they formed remains etched in her memory, symbolizing these majestic creatures’ remarkable resilience and strength.

Dr. Jivɑcɑte and his dedicated team’s unwavering commitment to assisting and rehabilitating elephants like Moshɑ is truly awe-inspiring.


Their selfless efforts testify to the profound impact that human compassion and ingenuity can have on the lives of animals in need.

Watch the video below:

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