Incredible images shows a blue shark following a diver

This spectacular photograph shows a blue shark appearing to sneak up on a diver and follow him.
This frightening image was taken in the Azores’ Archipelago and appeared to be a little problematic.

Fabrice Guerin, 50, was diving with his team in the waters off the Comoro Islands when he captured this shot.

Despite their frightening appearance, Fabrice claims that the sharks are in fact inquisitive and quite timid creatures.

Fabrice said: “This world is fascinating because Nature is prioritized overall. An animal doesn’t lie, it’s authentic, and that is what I like.

“We were in the area for a study on sperm whales. We had not seen them in a long time, so we decided to return to the harbor.”

“We saw a lot of birds on the surface on our journey back. Our local guide suddenly shouted, ‘blue shark!’ So we decided to plunge into the water and join them.

“I was underwater when the sharks swam quickly to the surface, and I captured him with a wonderful shearwater on his jaws seconds later.”

A few minutes later, probably owing to the scent of the pray, two more curious blue sharks showed up, turning around us.

“That was the moment I snapped the photo of one of the blue sharks following my buddy. It was hilarious.

“When you’re taking photographs, you may become focused on a subject and neglect the surrounding environment. It’s an honor when Nature provides you with a moment like this.

“Blue shark has a cartoon-like appearance, with its slender design, big eyes, and long nose. It resembles a cartoon character, but it is real and vulnerable!”

“Blue sharks are not a problem for us, but sports fishing has drastically reduced the population by more than 90% in the last 30 years.

Unfortunately, I have seen it deteriorate: climate change, overfishing, pollution, and… So much harm we are doing to it.

“Only human beings are responsible for the health of our planet, and we need solutions, but it is never simple to create them, especially because the consequences do not occur immediately.”