Incredible Rediscovery: Tiny Elephant Shrew Spotted After 50-Year Absence

In recent years, the list of endangered animals has continued to grow, with some species once believed to be extinct making surprising comebacks.

Among these remarkable findings, last year brought rare sightings of elusive creatures like cloud leopards and saki monkeys.

Tiny Elephant Shrew Discovered Alive For The First Time In 50 Years 1

Now, another heartwarming discovery has taken the wildlife community by storm as a tiny and adorable species reemerged after being classified as a “lost species” for half a century.


The elephant shrew, also known as “sengi,” has again captured the spotlight. The last documented sightings of these endearing creatures date back to 1968, and now they have made a remarkable return, delighting researchers.

Tiny Elephant Shrew Discovered Alive For The First Time In 50 Years 2

The incredible find occurred during an expedition in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa.

It appears that the elephant shrews had mastered the art of hiding, as explorers were amazed to confirm the significant presence of these animals in the area.


Despite their name, these charming creatures are not shrews or elephants but share surprising family connections.

Tiny Elephant Shrew Discovered Alive For The First Time In 50 Years 3

They are related to elephants, nightingales, and manatees, boasting noses that resemble miniature versions of an elephant’s trunk.

The quest to locate these elusive creatures involved strategically using over 1,000 traps placed in 12 different locations.


To the researchers’ delight, a combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, and yeast served as an irresistible lure, leading to the remarkable rediscovery of the sengi.

Reflecting on the astonishing find, Steven Heritage, a research scientist at Duke University’s Lemur Center, shared, “When we opened the first trap and saw a small tuft of hair on the tip of its tail, we just looked at each other and couldn’t believe it.

We knew it was something special. They may not be widely known animals, but it’s impossible not to fall in love once you look at them.”


The rediscovery of the tiny elephant shrew serves as a reminder of the resilience of nature and the importance of conservation efforts.

This heartening news offers hope for preserving other endangered species and serves as a call to action to protect and restore biodiversity worldwide.

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