Incredible Rescue: Grandma Elephant Saves Baby Elephant from a Sticky Situation

In every parent’s worst nightmare, their child finds themselves in physical danger, leaving them helpless and unsure of how to help.

However, sometimes the presence of wise elders can turn the tide and perform incredible feats to save the day. A heartwarming video captures such a moment, featuring a baby elephant and its herd.

The trouble begins when the adorable baby elephant falls into a muddy pit and starts crying for help. Instantly, its mother rushes to the rescue. She attempts to lift the little one out of the pit with her trunk but unintentionally pushes it further in.


The situation appears dire as the well-meaning mother inadvertently worsens the predicament. Will anything be able to save the baby from this sticky ordeal?

Video Baby Elephant Gets Into Deep Trouble. When Mommy Cant Help Grandma Does Amazing Thing 1

Suddenly, a louder rumble is heard, and to everyone’s surprise, it’s none other than Grandma elephant! She arrives on the scene to assess the situation and lend a helping trunk.

One can almost imagine Grandma conversing with the mother in elephant language, saying, “No, no, you’re doing it wrong. Watch and learn.


The little one has to do it by itself. You’re not helping; you’re pushing him INTO the mud. Yes, you are. Now, wait…

Video Baby Elephant Gets Into Deep Trouble. When Mommy Cant Help Grandma Does Amazing Thing 2

Please don’t argue with me! I know more than you! Look, he’s climbing out.” With Grandma’s guidance, the embarrassed baby elephant manages to escape the mud hole and resumes walking with the herd.

Now the question remains: Is this wise rescuer the grandmother from the mother’s side or the formidable mother-in-law? Imagine the banter if it’s the mother-in-law.


She won’t let this incident go easily, reminding the mother every time they pass a mud hole, “Hey, remember when you almost sent your kid to the bottom?

Where would you be without me?” One can’t help but wonder if elephants roll their eyes when they’re exasperated. This awe-inspiring scene leaves us relieved for the baby elephant’s safety. How about you?

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