Incredible Reunion: Leopard Cubs Rescued from Sugarcane Field Joyfully Reunite with Mother

In a heartwarming tale that will fill your heart with hope and happiness, a remarkable reunion takes place in a sugarcane field.

As the harvest season arrived in the country, it coincided with the breeding season for leopards, who seek refuge amidst the dense sugarcane foliage to give birth and protect their young from predators.

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In Vadgaon Kandali village, a farmer preparing to harvest his crop heard peculiar cries from the middle of his field. To his surprise, he discovered not one but three leopard cubs.

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, the farmer immediately contacted the Maharashtra Forest Department and Wildlife SOS.

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Rescue teams from the Wildlife SOS Leopard Rescue Centre and the Forest Department swiftly arrived equipped with necessary medical supplies.


The cubs underwent a thorough examination to determine their age and check for injuries, infections, and signs of dehydration.

Dr. Nikhil Bangar, our Wildlife Veterinary Officer, estimated that the cubs were only a few weeks old and identified them as two males and one female.

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Our top priority in such cases is facilitating a swift reunion with the mother leopard. After completing the health examination, the team carefully placed the cubs in a safe box and returned them to the same spot where they were found.


With a successful track record of reuniting over 80 cubs with their mothers, we remained hopeful that the concerned mother leopard would come searching for her precious offspring.

Trap cameras were installed around the site to ensure a disturbance-free reunion, allowing the team to monitor the situation closely. Within just 30 minutes, the mother leopard appeared, drawn by the cries of her cubs.

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The cubs eagerly responded to her presence, and she wasted no time overturning the safe box, much to their delight.


One by one, the mother gently picked up her cubs by the scruff of their necks and carried them to a safer area. The cubs, overwhelmed by panic and fear, continued to vocalize and call out to their mother.

Scent markings like the cub’s urine drops were strategically placed in the safe box to aid the mother leopard in locating her cubs, making the reunion easier.

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Living near leopards, local communities, and farmers are vital in mitigating conflicts and fostering coexistence.


We express our gratitude to the kind-hearted residents of Vadgaon Kandali village for their timely assistance in ensuring the well-being of the cubs.

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