Incredible Serengeti Showdown: Lioness Chased Up a Tree by Furious Elephant!

In a thrilling encounter on the vast Serengeti savannah, an extraordinary power struggle unfolded as a lioness found herself chased up a tree by an enraged elephant.

The lioness made a potentially fatal mistake by entering the elephant’s territory, prompting the giant grey beast to pursue her relentlessly.

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The pursuit led to a dramatic scene on the Central Serengeti, with the lioness seeking refuge in the branches of a tree while the determined elephant tried to reach her from below.

The lioness was forced to seek refuge in a tree after she was set upon by an elephant who took offense at the lioness entering her territory on the Central Serengeti savannah

The astonishing chase lasted for at least four minutes, captured on film by Dalida and Andrew Innes, a couple on a safari trip to Tanzania from Sydney, Australia. The lioness had become separated from her pride, who was busy feasting on a kill when the pursuit began.

“We were observing a pride of lions enjoying their recent kill when we noticed a herd of elephants gathering around a tree with a lioness perched in it. She seemed to have strayed away from the pride we were observing,” said Mrs. Innes, 41, recounting the event.


Without warning, the lioness made a break for freedom, only to find herself pursued by one of the elephants. The chase covered a significant distance until, eventually, the lioness sought refuge in another tree, hoping to escape her determined pursuer.

The lioness was forced to make a quick dash up the tree when she was separated from the rest of the pride during a hunting session

The relentless elephant tried reaching for the lioness, extending her trunk towards the feline’s tail, but couldn’t quite grasp her. Throughout the ordeal, the lioness roared desperately, calling for help from her pride.

Fortunately, the tables turned in the lioness’s favor, and the elephant eventually gave up the chase. Afterward, the relieved lioness descended from the tree and reunited with her cubs.


The reasons behind the elephant’s aggressive behavior remain a mystery. It’s possible that she was trying to protect the young ones in her herd or perhaps assert her dominance as the “queen of the jungle.”

Although they are the ‘king of the savannah,’ a lion does not stand a chance against an angry elephant, and the lioness made the right choice when she clambered onto the tree trunk

This mesmerizing and rare encounter showcased the raw power and instinctive behaviors of these incredible creatures, leaving the Innes couple and all safari-goers in awe of nature’s wonders.

The lioness desperately growls for help as she is stuck in the tree with the furious elephant waiting below
The elephant made several attempts to reach up to grab the lioness by her tail, but the feline kept it to herself
Photographers Dalida and Andrew Innes from Sydney caught the battle between the elephant and the lion while on a safari on the Serengeti in Tanzania

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