Incredible Survival Story: Disabled Baby Elephant Defies Odds and Receives Heroic Rescue in Mattala

In a heartwarming turn of events, a disabled baby elephant in the Mattala region has not only defied the odds but also found hope through an incredible rescue mission.

Wildlife officials were trying to protect local communities from wild elephants in Hambantota’s Suriyawewa region when they encountered a baby elephant calf with significant disabilities.

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Recognizing the urgent need for help, they quickly contacted the veterinarians at the Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home.

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Following their guidance, the officers transported the calf to the transit home, where it would receive the care and attention it desperately needed.

Malaka Abeywardena, the Secretary of the Wildlife Department Veterinarians’ Association, expressed that such disabilities in elephants are exceedingly rare.

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The Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home had previously encountered only two similar cases, one in Anuradhapura and another in Ampara. Regrettably, despite their best efforts, neither of these calves survived.

Dr. Abeywardena noted the incredible resilience of the disabled baby elephant, which had somehow managed to survive for nearly a year by finding a way to suckle from its mother. This was a remarkable feat, considering the extent of its injuries and disabilities.

Sadly, the calf was discovered in a weakened state and separated from its mother by wildlife officers.

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The immediate focus of the rescue team was to address the calf’s infected wounds, with the hope of determining if corrective surgery might be possible to improve its disabilities.

The journey of this remarkable young elephant continues as it receives the care and support it so rightfully deserves.

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