Ingenious Idea: Camera-Enabled Water Fountain Records Unexpected Visitors

Jennifer George, a resident of San Diego County, showcased her creative thinking by placing a discreet camera within her garden water fountain. Her objective? To unveil the diverse array of creatures frequenting her fountain for hydration or a refreshing splash.

The outcome of this unique initiative has proven to be nothing short of remarkable. Let’s explore the captivating snapshots captured by her concealed camera, promising to leave you in awe.

Casually strolling towards the fountain for a sip of water.
When you consider yourself to be a fancy wolf who wants to drink water from a fountain.
Thought I would come for a swim since it is a rather hot day.
When you get thirsty in the middle of the night.
Nothing much to see here, just two coyotes quenching their thirst.
The fountain looks like it is inviting me for a swim.
Looking from the corner of your eye to make sure no one saw you drinking water from the fountain.
Aren’t I majestic?
When a skunk decided to pay the water fountain a visit.
This coyote was definitely very thirsty.
Landing on the edge of the fountain like a pro.
Birds are undoubtedly fans of water fountains, and what better proof do you need?
Look at this cutie.
Deciding whether to drink some water or dive into the water.
Enjoying the view of the fountain before having a sip of water.
I dare you to spot me if you can.
When it is 100 degrees outside and you decide to enjoy a cold bath.
Licking that water like.
Look at me, I just landed on a fountain.
That one visitor that visits you at night.
I am fascinated with this object filled with water.
Β Looking around cautiously to make sure no one is around before approaching the fountain.
A sight for sore eyes.
When the animals decide to have a pool party.
Standing there like I own the fountain.
Enjoying some cold water on a sunny day.
Found this new pool to chill out in.
When a crow decided to pay a visit to the fountain.
Just staring at a rock while I enjoy some water.
Midnight water-drinking sessions featuring the coyote.

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