Injured Elephant Seeks Human Aid After Poacher Attack: Remarkable Encounter at Zimbabwe Safari Lodge

In a remarkable display of trust, an injured elephant, later named Ben, sought assistance from humans after being shot by poachers.


The male elephant astounded guests at the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe when he approached the premises.

Nick Milne, the lodge manager, quickly noticed Ben’s limping and severe injuries. With the lodge’s in-house veterinarian away for the weekend, another veterinarian volunteered to travel 200 miles to provide care for the wounded elephant.


During the six-hour wait for the vet’s arrival, Ben remained nearby, drinking water and grazing patiently.

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Pictures capture the moment a wounded elephant pleaded with humans for help after it was shot by poachers. Source: Daily Mail
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The bull elephant, named Ben, surprised guests when he approached the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe. Source: Daily Mail
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The elephant was tranquilized while experts examined the elephant’s injuries which were believed to have been caused by poachers. Source: Daily Mail
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The in-house vet was gone for the weekend, so another was called and volunteered to fly 200 miles to help the elephant. Source: Daily Mail

Upon tranquilizing and examining Ben, experts discovered a deep wound in his shoulder, likely caused by a poacher’s bullet.

To their dismay, they also found two bullet holes in one of his ears, indicating that the elephant had likely survived two separate attacks.

The Woun.ded Elephant Who Was Saved After Pleading Humans For Help 2
Experts tranquilized him and, after further examinations, found a deep wound in his shoulder suspected to be the result of a poacher’s bullet. Source: Daily Mail
The Woun.ded Elephant Who Was Saved After Pleading Humans For Help 1
Caring: Vets cleaned out the bull elephant’s shoulder injury and treated the wounds with disinfectant. Source: Daily Mail
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Cruel: To their horror, they then also found two bullet holes in one of his ears, making it likely that the animal had survived two attempts on his life. Source: Daily Mail
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Scrub down: After treating the wounds, a team of elephant experts gave the elephant a good clean. Source: Daily Mail

Following treatment and disinfection of his wounds by the veterinarian, Ben has been recuperating on the lodge’s property. Equipped with a tracking device, experts are able to monitor his progress and recovery.

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On the mend: Ben is now healing on the property after his wounds were disinfected and treated by the vet. Source: Daily Mail
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The bullet holes are still visible in the elephant’s ears. Staff says it is now making a recovery nearby. Source: Daily Mail
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The giant animal wears a tracking device so experts can monitor its improvement. Source: Daily Mail
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Ben the elephant walked up to the safari lodge in search of help after being wounded by cruel poachers. Source: Daily Mail

Via: Daily Mail


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