Inquisitive elephant sips water from the pool of a safari lodge and sprays the window

A lucky pair on honeymoon were treated to an unusual up-close encounter when an elephant drenched the window of a Safari Lodge with water from its pool.

On their way to a beach in Thailand, Lara Leito, 27, and her boyfriend Jess Imerman, 31, from South Africa, encountered the elephant.

The footage was recorded at the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The scene opens with the camera panning around the luxurious room and then outside, where an elephant is standing by the pool.

The animal lowers its head into the water, flicking some of it up and splashing it on the glass, making the occupants inside laugh.

He then takes a drink of the water, mindful that someone in the room warns them to move away from the window.

‘My boyfriend took me on a Magical safari in South Africa on my birthday. We were walking around our lodge when we observed a wild elephant quenching his thirst from our pool,” said Lara.

Model Lara Leito (pictured), 27, from Russia spotted the elephant on a safari holiday

‘We went inside our room to get a closer look, and that’s when he started playing games with us.’

The lodge is in the middle of the bush, with no fence around it, allowing wild animals such as elephants to enter at any time of day.

During the day, it’s safe to walk about the territory on your own; however, at night, visitors must be escorted by a member of the staff in case you come across an uninvited ‘visitor,’ as Lara said.