Inspiring Resilience: Young Bull Elephant Recovers from Arrow Wound in the Wild

In the heart of the wilderness, a remarkable tale of resilience unfolded when a young bull elephant, around ten, confronted the challenges of an arrow-inflicted injury.

This determined soul belonged to the same herd as the wounded matriarch, carrying the burden of his injuries.

An arrowhead was embedded in the rear side of his left thigh, and he limped due to a front left leg injury.


Addressing this situation demanded a precise and expert approach. To ensure the safety of the young bull, a 10mg dose of Etorphine Hydrochloride was skillfully administered via a 1.5ml dan-inject dart, all conducted from a vehicle.

Eight minutes later, the bull succumbed to the narcotic’s full effects, assuming a reclined position on his right side.

Upon examination, an arrowhead was discovered in his left thigh, which was gently removed. Astonishingly, the arrow was found to be non-poisoned.


Further inspection revealed a deep spear wound on the inner side of his left front leg.

Following the approach taken in previous cases, all wounds received meticulous care and identical treatments.

The young bull’s journey to recovery was assured by administering 30mg of Diprenorphine intravenously through a prominent ear vein.


Within three minutes, he stood firm, rejoining a nearby herd of elephants.

The prognosis for this resilient young bull is bright, as the arrowhead was confirmed to be free of poison.

This story beautifully illustrates the indomitable spirit of wildlife and the unwavering dedication of individuals and organizations committed to ensuring the well-being of these majestic creatures, enabling them to flourish in their natural habitat.


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