Internet Melts as Baby Elephant Learns to Use Its Trunk for Drinking: Viral Video

Prepare for a cuteness overload. A charming video is capturing hearts across the internet, showing a baby elephant mastering the art of using its trunk for drinking water, all while under the watchful eye of its mother.

The adorable clip was posted on Twitter by Robert E Fuller this past Friday. It showcases the young elephant, adorably splashing water everywhere with its trunk in an attempt to figure out how to drink.

With every adorable splash, the calf’s determined effort to master this essential elephant skill makes viewers smile.


The accompanying tweet reads, “Just a baby elephant. Learning how to use its trunk.”

Since its posting, the heartwarming footage has garnered over 740,000 views and more than 1,400 likes, proving that the internet can’t resist a good animal video.

Indeed, captivating wildlife videos are a regular hit on social media platforms, with viewers showing great love for them.


In a recent example, a clip showcasing a majestic pride of lions from Gujarat’s Gir National Park went viral.

Home to a substantial population of Asiatic lions, the park provided a stunning backdrop for the lions’ family time, with several playful cubs stealing the spotlight.

Indian Forest Officer Parween Kaswan shared the lion family video on World Lion Day. In his tweet, he wrote, “Here a beautiful family of Kings & Queens from Gir forest of India. Today is World Lion Day.”


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