Irresistibly Cute Baby Turtle Takes on the Challenge of Eating a Strawberry

Baby animals have an undeniable charm that captures our hearts. Even creatures that grow up to be formidable, such as lions and sharks, possess an irresistible cuteness in infancy. This universal appeal towards baby animals can be attributed to a scientific phenomenon.

Humans’ strong nurturing instinct for their offspring extends to anything that bears a resemblance to them. Watch Kirby’s adorable first attempt at savoring his first strawberry in the heart-melting video below!

While some baby animals may not resemble human babies as closely as others, they still possess endearing qualities like innocent eyes, helplessness, chubby cheeks, and plump bodies.


For those who adore baby animals, prepare to be captivated by a delightful video featuring a baby turtle’s first encounter with a strawberry.


Turtles have diverse diets. They consume algae, fallen fruit, water plants, worms, aquatic insects, snails, and insect larvae in their natural habitat. Some turtles may even eat grasses, flowers, and mushrooms.

Fortunately, these food sources are readily available, enabling turtle owners to provide their pets with a diet that mirrors their natural habitat. However, like human infants, baby turtles adjust to solid foods.


During their early stages, turtles find it easier to consume flakes, pellets, or food sticks conveniently located in local pet stores.


As they mature, they can be introduced to live bugs, worms, and the ultimate challenge: fruits and vegetables.

As depicted in the video, devouring a fruit larger than one’s body is no simple task. Meet Kirby, the adorable Russian tortoise featured in this viral clip, whose eating videos have garnered over 14 million views.


The video showcases Kirby’s introduction to strawberries, and the sight is undeniably amusing. The strawberry is significantly larger than Kirby’s body, making it quite a comical sight. Imagine trying to take a bite out of something that surpasses your size!


Predictably, Kirby struggles to conquer the strawberry. With each attempt, he unintentionally nudges it away with his mouth.

Perhaps it was for the best that Kirby couldn’t consume too much of the strawberry. However, it’s important to note that not all turtle breeds can indulge in fruits without consequences.


In Kirby’s case, Russian tortoises like him should avoid consuming fruits because their digestive systems are ill-equipped to handle excessive sugar intake.


Fruits should only be given as occasional treats. Kirby was only permitted a few tiny nibbles of the strawberry as a special treat before his owner took it away.

We are fortunate to witness this heartwarming moment captured on film. And for those feeling sorry that Kirby couldn’t fully enjoy the strawberry, his owner has shared additional pictures showing Kirby taking a proper bite while she holds the strawberry for him.


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