Jaw-Dropping Moment: Shark Bites Fisherman’s Kayak in Hawaii!

A Hawaiian fisherman, Scott Haraguchi, recently experienced a heart-stopping encounter when a giant tiger shark unexpectedly bit his kayak while fishing in shallow waters off the coast of O’ahu, Hawaii.

While capturing his triumphant catch with a GoPro recording, Haraguchi heard a sudden whooshing sound, initially thinking it was a passing boat.

To his horror, a tiger shark emerged from the water and clamped its jaws onto the side of his kayak just moments later.


In the video, Haraguchi can be heard exclaiming, “Whoa! A tiger shark rammed me.” The ordeal was so terrifying that he acknowledged that people might not have believed him if he hadn’t captured the incident on video.

Thankfully, the shark’s bite didn’t escalate further, sparing Haraguchi from potential harm. Reflecting on the encounter, he noticed a wounded seal nearby, speculating that the shark might have mistaken his kayak for the seal.

Upon reviewing the video at home, Haraguchi realized that the shark had bitten his kayak, not merely rammed it, adding to the intensity of the situation.


While such encounters can be alarming, it’s worth noting that kayak fishermen occasionally face wildlife interactions. Mark McCracken encountered a hammerhead shark in a separate incident and skillfully kept it at bay using his paddle.

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Unlike McCracken’s encounter, Haraguchi had a completely different wildlife experience as he previously rescued a raccoon from drowning off the Florida Keys.

While shark sightings are not uncommon in Hawaii’s waters, close encounters like this are a stark reminder of the incredible marine life that inhabits the area and the need to remain cautious while exploring these beautiful waters.

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