Joyful Elephants Make a Splash in Their Pool at Cincinnati Zoo

Elephants are often associated with grazing on grassy savannahs or taking refreshing mud baths. However, at the Cincinnati Zoo, these fortunate pachyderms enjoy their time by indulging in a unique activity – swimming in a pool.

Similar to dogs, elephants are unable to sweat as a means of cooling off. Instead, they rely on a remarkable technique: flapping their ears to cool the blood vessels within. But when the ear-flapping alone isn’t sufficient, these clever creatures take a dip in the pool.

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However, it becomes evident within moments of observing these magnificent animals that their pool time is not solely for cooling purposes. They eagerly engage in swimming because it allows them to play in the water.

As one of the elephants approaches the water, their first instinct is to splash their trunk back and forth playfully. Yet, the water-loving elephants don’t stop there.

In a delightful display, one of the elephants ventures into the pool, submerging its body until only its head remains above water.


Then, they employ their trunk as a twisty straw, skillfully using it to breathe while enjoying the underwater environment.

When a companion joins the submerged elephant, an exhilarating sight unfolds. The submerged elephant swiftly dives down and emerges from the water, emitting a joyous trumpet that astonishes visitors to the zoo.

While it may be surprising to many, elephants are more than capable swimmers, as demonstrated by the sheer delight they experience.


Witness the infectious joy these elephants bring to their pool as visitors at the zoo revel in their playful antics.

Watch the video below:

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