Kayaking Expert Crafts Customized Kayak for Beloved Canine Companions

David Bahnson, a seasoned kayaking enthusiast and health expert, has made waves with his innovative approach to kayaking.

What sets him apart? He is dedicated to including his beloved pets, Susie and Ginger, in his outdoor adventures.

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Initially accompanied by Susie, David later welcomed Ginger, a Golden Retriever, into their kayaking escapades. Seeing David paddling his kayak with two furry companions by his side became a common sight.


For David and his wife, their pets are not just animals but cherished family members. When Ginger joined the family, David modified his kayak to accommodate all three, creating what he fondly refers to as a “triple kayak” specially designed for dogs.

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Training the dogs to climb aboard naturally, David marveled at their intelligence and adaptability to kayaking.

With their companionship, David and his dogs have embarked on numerous adventures, relishing every moment spent together on the water.


While time eventually brought the passing of Susie and Ginger, David and his wife’s love for dogs endured.

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They adopted new puppies, hoping to continue their kayaking tradition with canine companions.

With each paddle stroke, David honors the memory of his beloved pets while embracing new adventures with his furry friends.


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