Kenya Wildlife Service’s Heroic Rescue of Injured Elephant near Sala’s Gate

In a heartwarming display of dedication, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) sprang into action to save a lame elephant near Sala’s Gate in Tsavo East.

The distressing report prompted a rapid response from the KWS team, who embarked on a mission to rescue the ailing elephant.

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The first step of this daring rescue operation involved immobilizing and examining the injured elephant.


The KWS veterinary unit arrived at the scene equipped with darting equipment, which included an 18 mg M99-filled dart.

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Carefully approaching the struggling elephant, they administered a 16 mg Etorphine dart using a dan inject dart system.

After seven minutes, the elephant was safely brought to the ground.


Upon ensuring the elephant’s trunk and ear were correctly positioned for proper breathing and temperature regulation, a detailed examination revealed a deep snare wound on the elephant’s lower left front limb.

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This wound had become swollen and infected, producing pus. Removing the tightly wound wire was no easy task, taking approximately 15 minutes and causing some bleeding.

For treatment, the wound was thoroughly cleaned with a mixture of water and Hydrogen Peroxide.


It was then disinfected with a Tincture of Iodine, followed by a gentle application of Oxytetracycline topical wound spray. To aid in the elephant’s recovery, the wound was covered with healing green clay.

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The team administered long-acting antibiotics through intramuscular injection and Dexamethasone Hcl through an intravenous injection in the ear.

In addition, the team provided the elephant with a Vitamin B12 complex boost through intramuscular injection, ensuring the animal’s well-being was their top priority.


This rescue effort showcased the remarkable dedication and care of the KWS Vet Unit, whose relentless commitment plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of Kenya’s majestic wildlife.

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