Kiko the Giraffe: A Towering Presence in Nairobi’s Nursery

In the heart of the Nairobi Nursery, Kiko, the towering and assertive giraffe, he recently marked his second birthday in September.

As he enters the “terrible twos” phase, Kiko continues to carve his niche, ruling the roost with his distinctive personality.

Celebrated as the most spirited baby the nursery has ever had, Kiko stands out for his height and his independent and occasionally affectionate demeanor.

His uniqueness is evident in how he navigates his days, showcasing his own mind.

Whether in a rush to explore Nairobi National Park or eager to browse acacia trees and stay close to his human family in the compound, Kiko keeps everyone on their toes.

The interactions between Kiko and the compound’s wild environment are carefully managed for his safety.

When lions are in the vicinity, he is confined to the compound, showcasing an uncanny ability to sense their presence and choose to return on his own.

This highlights his growing awareness of his surroundings and the complex dynamics of the nursery and the park.

Despite Kiko’s affinity for spending time with elephant orphans during the day, his affections are not always reciprocated.

Smaller elephants playfully attempt to chase him away, charging with tiny ears held wide.

Despite the size difference, Kiko finds their attempts amusing, forging a unique dynamic within the nursery.

Interestingly, Kiko’s boldness shines through when encountering wild giraffes while browsing in Nairobi National Park.

He approaches them, but only if the elephant babies walk alongside him. The presence of his elephant companions seems to encourage him, creating a sense of security during these wild interactions.

As Kiko grows, the nursery contemplates his translocation to an environment where he can take the following steps toward living a genuine wildlife.

Monitored closely and guided by dedicated caretakers, Kiko’s unique journey promises a future of embracing the wild alongside his giraffe counterparts.

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