King of the Jungle? Elephant charges at lion and sends it fleeing

This is the moment that an elephant defends her newborn calf against the threat of a lion.

The footage shows a lion observing the mother and the baby elephant walking together before the King of the Jungle pounces.

The video was filmed just after sunset from a small, open-air Maruti jeep.

An elephant named Nablus was walking with her newborn calf when a lion tried to attack her baby in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya

All of a sudden, the feline sprints to attack the baby – standing right behind its mother.

The 17-year-old mother elephant, named Nablus, sees the lion approaching at high speed and charges in an attempt to protect the calf.

The lion can be seen running away while the mother takes its calf to a safe place.

Brazen: The jungle cat sprints towards the calf, which is less than 24-hours-old. It is the first time a lion attempting to attack an elephant calf has been documented at the reserve in Kenya
Protective: The elephant charges at the lion, forcing it to retreat after an attempt to attack her baby

The filmer, Matt Brierley, writes: ‘This is the first time lions have been documented stalking and attacking elephant calves in Samburu National Reserve.

The elephants in Samburu are closely monitored, and this elephant is Nablus’ from the ‘Biblical Towns’ elephant family.

The baby elephant is the first calf to Nablus, who turns 18 in April.

Watch the video below:


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