Leopard caught on camera looks like she snapping a cheeky selfie

This incredible picture captures the moment a posing leopard was taken on the camera, possibly taking a cheeking selfie.

The energetic leopard cub relished the attention as she pouted towards the camera, making a pose that appeared to be a selfie by swiping her paw playfully at the camera.

Shannon Benson, an Australian wildlife photographer, took this fantastic shot of the beautiful leopard in South Africa.

“I attempted to get the leopard to make eye contact as she swatted at the camera while I shot several photos.

“I was amazed to see that it looked like she’d snapped a selfie when I looked back.” “I was beside myself with joy.

“I could even tell how gorgeous and naughty she was through the viewfinder.

Although there is always a danger when dealing with wild animals, understanding animal behavior can assist you. Being aware of an animal’s mood and body language may tell you a lot about its mental state.

“This leopard was hand-raised with her sister after their mother was k.il.led by a snare – you could never get this close to a wild leopard.

“Leopards are the most unpredictable of big cats, and this youngster was almost a year old; if she had been any older, she would have been too wild to interact with, which is as it should be.”

“It’s something I’ll always treasure.”