VIDEO a leopard hunting an Impala didn’t notice the elephant approaching behind it

A heroic elephant chased an unlucky leopard as it stalked an impala dinner.

Judy Lehmberg was on tour through Kruger National Park, South Africa, on June 7, when she spotted some antelope drinking at a watering hole.

Watch the video below:

Looking peaceful, the antelope didn’t know they were being watched by a hungry leopard lurking and ready to pounce on the grass behind them.

Concentrating on his dinner, the leopard wasn’t prepared for an angry elephant either, which blew his trunk twice before charging and chasing the big cat from its meal.

Judy said: ‘I really feel sorry for the leopard because it can’t make a k.i.l.l.

“But it made me laugh because as soon as I spotted the elephant, I knew what was going to happen.

“Elephants hate lions and leopards and will not tolerate their presence.

“At first, the leopard was too busy focusing on the impala, so it didn’t realize the elephant was there, but after doing that, it was over.

“To me, the moral of this story is always to be prepared for whatever might happen, no matter how slim the chance seems, happen next.

“In Kruger, you can go from being depressed to to ‘oh my god, did you see that’ very quickly.”

Watch the video below: