Leopard Mom Struggles to Guide Cubs Across Road in Adorable Viral Video

A fortunate visitor at Kruger National Park in South Africa captured a heartwarming video of a mother leopard attempting to help her cubs safely cross a road.

Thinus Delport, 64, suggested his daughters sing to lure the animals out, which unexpectedly worked.

Initially, the mother leopard and her cubs were spotted hiding in bushes beside the road. As excited visitors looked on, the leopard mom ventured out first to assess the surroundings for potential threats. The cubs hesitantly followed but soon returned to the safety of the bushes.


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The mother appears first and patiently waits for her cubs to follow her across the road but has to turn around as they run back into the bushes to safety. Source: Latest Sightings

The mother leopard patiently waited in the middle of the road before returning to the bushes to fetch her cubs for a second try.

The adorable cubs crossed the road this time as onlookers in stopped cars observed the scene.


One of the cubs lagged behind, calling for its mother, who gently guided it in the right direction before it vanished into the bushes again.

Traffic stops to watch the incredible sight as the mother and her cubs slowly make their way across the road to the bushes on the other side. Source: Latest Sightings
Mr Delport said he jokingly asked his daughters to sing to encourage the animals out of the bushes where they were hiding, and to his amazement, it worked. Source: Latest Sightings

Spotting a leopard moving her young cubs at Kruger National Park is a rare occurrence. Delport and his family witnessed this unique event 6 km from Lower Sabie towards Crocodile Bridge.

In an interview with Latest Sightings.com, Delport was amazed at the rare sighting, saying, “Patience does pay off.”

Despite a few setbacks and one of her cubs decided to have a rest in the middle of the road, the three leopards all make it safely and disappear again. Source: Latest Sightings

Watch the video below: